XH5 Monthly Reward Distribution

Every month, prior to the Release of the XH5 Monthly Report, a Claimable Balance of 100 XH5 is created for a token holder that is chosen at random. Every XH5 token holder is eligible for these monthly rewards without having to do anything other than holding XH5 and claiming the balance before the next Monthly Report.

How is the Monthly Reward Distributed?

First, the number of XH5 token holders has to be determined. This is easy enough to do by anyone visiting the XH5 asset page on StellarExpert.

Here you can see the total number of trustlines as well as the number of funded wallets. For this example, we will be using the current number of 235 funded wallets shown in the image.

Next, we need to choose a random wallet out of those 235.

This is done after eliminating the first four wallets. Those wallets include not only the XH5 wallet* itself, but also the Distribution and Liquidity wallets, as well as my own personal wallet. None of which are eligible for the Monthly Reward.

Going to Random.org a number is chosen between 5 and 235, and the resulting number is compared to the list of asset holders found on the Stellar Expert XH5 asset page.

A Claimable Balance of 100 XH5 is then created for that wallet which will need to be claimed before the 19th of the next month. On that date, any unclaimed XH5 will be returned to the XH5 Distribution wallet.

If the XH5 is unclaimed and returned to the Distribution wallet, the next person will receive a Claimable Balance of 200 XH5. This will increase with each unclaimed balance.

The winner of the Monthly Rewards will not only see the Claimable Balance in their wallet but will also be able to see the information posted to the XH5 Telegram Group.

Monthly Rewards will go out at an average of 100 XH5 per month until the Distribution Phase which begins July 20th, 2023. At that point, the amount of XH5 given away will increase significantly, but a minimum XH5 balance will also be required to be included in the Monthly Reward drawing.

That may sound like a long time to wait, especially for most people in the crypto space, but this is a lifelong token project. And though XH5 is over two years old, it has barely scratched the surface of promoting Stellar adoption.

My hope is that XH5 helps to onboard more Stellar users, familiarizes them with their Stellar wallet, and teaches them about trustlines and assets on the Stellar network, all while helping them to fund their wallet by selling the XH5 that they have received for free.

*The XH5 wallet is attempting to repurchase the entire XH5 token supply using whatever assets it has available and is funded by my personal donations.