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XH5 Monthly Report 001

No Purchase Necessary Account Balance: 94,745.94911 XLM Total Supply: 1,644,300 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.05762084 XLM Hello Friends, It’s been an interesting first month being public with the XH5 Life Token Experiment. There’s been decent trustline growth as well as the first token burn, which got rid of 10% of the existing supply, or 182,700 XH5, […]

XH5 Monthly Report 000

The Life Token Experiment is Now Public! Account Balance: 5918.658352 XLM Total Supply: 1,827,000 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.00323955 XLM Letter to Friends: Here we are in Month 000 of the Life Token Experiment, and there were only two milestones this early in the project, that the Grey Paper would be made public and HTTPS would […]

Manner’s Maketh Man

Roger squinted through the dirty windshield of his truck at what appeared to be a person walking down the road. Nobody walked the road this far outside of town, especially this early in the morning, he thought to himself. Squinting harder he realized he didn’t recognize the stranger and pulled up alongside them to make […]

XH5 Monthly Report 00

Life Token Grey Paper Now Available Account Balance: 5425.602436 XLM Total Supply: 1,827,000 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Melt Value: 0.00296967839956 XLM Letter to Friends: The XH5 Grey Paper is now available in PDF format. It covers a very basic overview of what I am trying to achieve with the Life Token Experiment and it will be expanded upon […]

XH5 Monthly Report 0

Homeless Guy Builds Own Cryptocurrency Account Balance: 4944.898155 XLM Total Supply: 1,827,000 XH5 Real Value: 0.0012 XLM Potential Value: 0.00270656713465 XLM Letter to Friends: Normally I would write the monthly report as if it was a letter to my friends, holders of my personal Life Token. But since I have not discussed the XH5, pronounced […]