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XH5 Monthly Report 020

Do Not Buy XH5! Real Value: 0.0287370 XLM Melt Value: 0.0574740 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 31,535.491102 XLM Hello Friends, For those who do not know, XH5 is a free personal cryptocurrency that I give away to friends, family, and strangers in order to encourage the adoption of the Stellar network on which it is built. Since […]

XH5 Monthly Report 019

Happy X-Day! Real Value: 0.0284558 XLM Melt Value: 0.0569117 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 31,226.9374696 XLM Hello Friends, Another year and another 12,000 XLM were donated this morning, along with 12,000 XH5, bringing the XH5 account value to over 31,200 XLM. And despite being almost two years into building this charitable fund, I […]

XH5 Monthly Report 018

Quiet Days Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0350236 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 19,217.153341 XLM Hello Friends, After sorting out family drama in Rhode Island it is nice to be back on the west coast, in the Olympic National Park, camped in a van down by the river. Living the dream. Almost […]

XH5 Monthly Report 017

Shitcoins! Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0323485 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 17,749.3227562 XLM Hello Friends, May has been an incredibly shitty month. The lives of people I love are collapsing around me while the market struggles. I can’t give away XH5 tokens in person to save my life. But if you’ve […]

XH5 Monthly Report 016

Changes on the Horizon Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0333414 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 18,294.1166981 XLM Hello friends, I apologize for being late with this month’s report. I was hiking in Big Bend National Park then drove up to Roswell, New Mexico by way of the Marfa Lights Viewing Area and […]

XH5 Monthly Report 015

Heading West Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0340725 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 18,695.2854139 XLM Hello friends, There are really only two things to mention this month. First, that I finished the Florida Trail, and second, the stablecoin Centus crashed. Centus was a stablecoin pegged to the US penny that I started […]

XH5 Monthly Report 014

Hobo with a Phone Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0349319 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 19,166.8195360 XLM Hello friends, First of all let me apologize for being almost a week late uploading this report. Between the weak cell phone signal in parts of rural Florida and being waist deep in Bradwell Bay […]

XH5 Monthly Report 013

Who’s your favorite tokenized hiker? Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0375723 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 20,615.5943782 XLM Hello Friends, Greetings from the Florida Trail. First off I would like to apologize for the Monthly Report being late. It’s a little harder to do this on the phone than I anticipated, since it is also my trail guide. […]

XH5 Monthly Report 012

Buyback Galore Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM* Melt Value: 0.0359844 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 19,744.3402967 XLM Hello Friends, In the last month, the XH5 Buyback Program repurchased over 7,000 XH5 from the market. More than any other month since the creation of the token. That also means that the Buyback Budget is dwindling fast. 50% of the Buyback Budget has already […]

XH5 Monthly Report 011

Order Book Adjustment Real Value: 0.0230753 XLM Melt Value: 0.0461506 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 25,322.4340183 XLM Hello Friends, Since the XH5 airdrop, the buy-side of the order book has been left wide open, for the most part, so that interested parties could snatch up XH5 as it was being unloaded onto the market. A few people took advantage of this […]