Author: cleanshave

Adding Value to NFTs on Stellar

It was January 2020 when I first heard that NFTs might soon become possible on the Stellar network. Most people understood that NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, were going to be important for personal identification, medical records, and ownership of real-world items. Personally, I had hoped to issue Kindle-like digital books as NFTs and found Ethereum’s […]

XH5 Monthly Report 027

Hints and Setbacks Hello friends, The month started with someone noticing the first experimental utility NFT to be released on Stellar that supported XH5. I sent them 100 XH5 for purchasing the NFT and vaguely posted about it to the Telegram group. There, one other person got the hint and commented about it on my […]

XH5 Monthly Report 026

Price Doesn’t Matter Hello Friends, If you think of XH5 as a token that could potentially make you rich, you’d be wrong. Along with the rest of the crypto markets, XH5 has declined in value over the last month. Down against XLM by almost 20%, and roughly 33% against USD in that same period of […]

XH5 Monthly Report 025

Purge & Merge Hello Friends, You may have recently noticed the lack of buy orders for XH5 in the order books. If not, have a look at the market for XH5 on Stellarport. This isn’t because I stopped purchasing XH5, and it certainly isn’t because of the large amounts of the token that have been […]

XH5 Monthly Report 024

Greater Automation Hello Friends, Two things of note happened with XH5 in the last month. First, trading volume for XH5 has exploded due to the use of the Automated Market Maker functionality introduced in Protocol 18, and second, XH5 now has a verified listing on SDEXEX as one of the top 50 assets on Stellar. […]

XH5 Monthly Report 023

A Whole New Era Hello Friends, On November 3, Protocol 18 went live, adding Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality to the Stellar network. And that has changed a lot of how XH5 functions. First and foremost, you might notice that there are no longer the usual stats regarding the Real and Melt Value of the […]

XH5 Monthly Reward Distribution

Every month, prior to the Release of the XH5 Monthly Report, a Claimable Balance of 100 XH5 is created for a token holder that is chosen at random. Every XH5 token holder is eligible for these monthly rewards without having to do anything other than holding XH5 and claiming the balance before the next Monthly […]

XH5 Monthly Report 022

Hello New Trustlines! Real Value: 0.0366315 XLM Melt Value: 0.0732631 XLM Total Supply: 548,648 XH5 Account Balance: 40,195.6379763 XLM Hello Friends, First off, I’d like to welcome all the new XH5 trustline holders. Be sure to join the Telegram group. Last month I donated 5,000 XLM to the Shave account so that it can repurchase the XH5 that I […]

XH5 Monthly Report 021

No Promotion! Real Value: 0.0293751 XLM Melt Value: 0.0587501 XLM Total Supply: 548,691 XH5 Account Balance: 32,235.665292 XLM Hello Friends, And hello to all the new trustlines that managed to find XH5 in the last month. Be sure to join the XH5 Telegram Group for the chance to get Free XH5. For those who stumbled across XH5 and added […]